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How to Get Rid of Water Spots – Quick & Easy!

06 April, 2016
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We have all had issues with spots on our cars after it rains, and dust on our furniture when we open doors or windows. We all know that various types of air filters are available to help relieve the issue of dust particles and allergens to provide a healthier breathing environment and less dust on the furniture.

Water – like air – also leaves particles behind, as it contains naturally found minerals like calcium and magnesium that will leave a residue when left to dry on its own.

So how do you get rid of these unsightly water spots? Here are 3 fast solutions:

Install a Water Filter

In our homes we can take a similar approach as an air filter and install a water filter/conditioner at our home’s main water service line to make cleanup of soap and water residue quick and easy, and also prevent buildup in our home’s pipes and appliances. Our home is our biggest investment, so why not take care of the plumbing and fixtures like we take care of our heating and air conditioning units? Click here to discover which whole home water filter is right for you.

Use a Topical Sealant

Outside windows pose a unique issue as mineral laden rain combined with the UV rays from the sun bakes the rain spots onto the glass. This can also be an issue in bathrooms that get direct sunlight. You can solve this problem by sealing glass shower enclosures and outside windows with topical products. This can be a real time saver when it comes to spring-cleaning and teenagers that often forget to squeegee down a shower. There are many helpful products out there, from using a paste car wax on glass blocks and glass doors, to one of the many spray-on products made specifically for treating and sealing glass, mirrors, and windows. Some products that we have personally used with much success are Rain-X and Magic Shower Glass & Mirror Spray.

Pick Up a Squeegee

Simply wiping things down or using a squeegee in the shower helps in the long run to keep cleanups simple and easy.


Fast Fix for Stopping Stinky Laundry

02 April, 2016
Published in Home Care

Stinky Towels? Smelly Laundry? Eliminate the Odors with this Quick Fix

If you’ve ever had stinky towels or smelly gym clothes, then you will love this quick fix for getting your laundry smelling great again.

Front Loading Machines

Put your dirty laundry in the washing machine as usual. Add ½ cup baking soda to the soap dispenser. DO NOT add any soap or fabric softener. Run a Normal/Hot wash cycle with an extra rinse cycle. Immediately after the machine is done washing, remove your laundry and put it in the dryer. After using the machine, leave the door and the detergent dispenser open to let all the water dry out to prevent mildew and stinky machines.

Top Loading Machines

Dump your dirty laundry into the machine, then sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda over them. DO NOT add any soap or fabric softener. Set the wash cycle for Normal/Hot with an extra rinse cycle. Remove your clean laundry when the rinse cycle is complete and dry immediately as you would normally. After you’re done using your washing machine, air it out by fully opening the lid or just using a clothespin to prop up the lid enough to let it “breathe”.

Bonus: Quick Tips for Avoiding Stinky Towels

First, after using a towel, hang it up and allow it to fully air dry – don’t let the kids throw wet towels into the laundry hamper. And second, don’t use a fabric softener, as they build up in the fabric of the towels and cause them to get stinky and stiff.

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Chicago Brewery Wins Two Gold Medals with EWS Filtered Water

14 December, 2015
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Environmental Water Systems recently implemented an exclusive water filtration package for the most award-winning brewery in Southern Nevada, Chicago Brewing Co. Our challenge was to provide great filtered water not just for the brewing process, but throughout the building, dispensing water for coffee, drinks, beverages and ice, keep dishes and glasses clean, protect pipes and water heaters and still create a perfect water environment for the brewery. Their brewers handcraft all the beers they serve on draft, so it was imperative the water be free of the off-taste of contaminants.

Kyle Cormier, Assistant Director of Operations and Head Brewmaster of Chicago Brewing Co. is enthusiastic that they recently won two gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival. He attributes the recent wins to the increased quality of the water. “Most breweries are stuck with the treated tap water that is delivered from their city. Breweries can boil off the chlorine to eliminate the off taste but all the other VOC’s, chlorine by-products, pollutants and contaminates still remain which would greatly lessen the quality of our product let alone compromise the integrity of our vessels and brewing equipment.”

Chicago Brewing Company Award Winning Beer Uses Environmental Water Systems Filtered Water

Their new EWS water filtration has allowed them to adjust the composition of their water and fine tune their brewing process even more to get the desired result.

Mr. Cormier is happy to report on two other huge benefits: “Our staff drinks the filtered tap water in our building instead of bottled water…[and] dishwashers are running well for the first time in years.”

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