BLOGConcerned About the Drought? How to Save Water and Save Money

Concerned About the Drought? How to Save Water and Save Money

11 May, 2015
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The four-year-long drought in California led Governor Jerry Brown to declare a drought emergency in 2014. The State’s goal was to reduce water use by 20%, yet last year only saw a 9% decrease.

You can do your part to reduce water use while at the same time saving money, maintaining the quality of your family’s water, and doing good for your family and your environment.

Be aware of water filtration companies re-branding themselves to take advantage of the drought problem and capitalize on buzzwords without backing it up with quality or facts. Systems that are made from low-quality and often toxic materials (containing BPA and phthalates) that do not backwash or self-clean, do not work properly. Period. See the test studies below.

This graphic (click here to view it larger) shows the flexibility of all Environmental Water Systems filtration appliances that other filtration systems do not offer. EWS can self-clean when conditions change, re-use your backwash water for irrigation or pools, but most importantly EWS Systems filter performance is excellent and remains at top performance for up to 10 years while other systems fail to filter within months.

Environmental Water Systems product are also truly eco-friendly, ever since we engineered our first system in 1987, over 28 years ago. Our materials are recyclable and biodegradable, and made in America to the highest, most stringent standards set forth by the FDA, NSF, and California State laws and regulations.

Conserve Water - Backwashing vs Non-Backwashing Water Filtration