Well Water Resources

Are You on a Private Well?

Take advantage of our free, 24-page Guide for the Private Well Owner.

In order to properly assess your needs and concerns, please have your well water tested annually to ensure the proper system application and quality of your water. EWS does NOT do any water testing. Please be wary of any water treatment manufacturer that does their own water testing – often these tests are skewed or incomplete and misleading. Click here for a PDF of independent well water testing companies* that will give you an unbiased, complete report on your water quality.

How to Send Us Your Well Water Test Results

There are two ways to send your well water results to EWS customer service. Once we receive your well results, we will contact you to discuss any necessary treatment options.

1. Email your results to customerservice@ewswater.com

2. Fax your water test results to 702.256.3744

Downloadable PDFs for Well Water

*EWS Inc. and Environmental Water Systems are not affiliated with any well testing companies. We do not receive any compensation from any labs. The testing facilities we mention in the PDF are labs we work with regularly and trust to do a comprehensive test of everything we need to advise water treatment.