BLOGFast Fix for Stopping Stinky Laundry

Fast Fix for Stopping Stinky Laundry

02 April, 2016
Published in Home Care

Stinky Towels? Smelly Laundry? Eliminate the Odors with this Quick Fix

If you’ve ever had stinky towels or smelly gym clothes, then you will love this quick fix for getting your laundry smelling great again.

Front Loading Machines

Put your dirty laundry in the washing machine as usual. Add ½ cup baking soda to the soap dispenser. DO NOT add any soap or fabric softener. Run a Normal/Hot wash cycle with an extra rinse cycle. Immediately after the machine is done washing, remove your laundry and put it in the dryer. After using the machine, leave the door and the detergent dispenser open to let all the water dry out to prevent mildew and stinky machines.

Top Loading Machines

Dump your dirty laundry into the machine, then sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda over them. DO NOT add any soap or fabric softener. Set the wash cycle for Normal/Hot with an extra rinse cycle. Remove your clean laundry when the rinse cycle is complete and dry immediately as you would normally. After you’re done using your washing machine, air it out by fully opening the lid or just using a clothespin to prop up the lid enough to let it “breathe”.

Bonus: Quick Tips for Avoiding Stinky Towels

First, after using a towel, hang it up and allow it to fully air dry – don’t let the kids throw wet towels into the laundry hamper. And second, don’t use a fabric softener, as they build up in the fabric of the towels and cause them to get stinky and stiff.

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